About Our School

School History

The De La Salle Brothers established their first school in Navan in 1917. They dedicated their lives to the education of boys and soon established a reputation for excellence in that regard. They moved to the site of what is now the Senior Section of Scoil Mhuire in 1957. The brothers left Navan in 1976. Since that time the school has been staffed by lay teachers. With the development of Navan in the 1970s it was realised that extra classrooms would be needed. The junior Section of the school was opened in 1975 and now the school caters for boys and girls from Junior Infants right up to Sixth class. Thousands of children have been educated in Scoil Mhuire over the years and we are justly proud of our many famous past pupils who have distinguished themselves in all walks of life.

School Organisation

The classes are all of mixed ability, however, grouping takes place within each class to allow each child to progress at his/her own rate of development and to enable teachers to give individual help where needed. We also have an autistic unit in our school, where many of the children are integrated into mainstream.

School Management

Scoil Mhuire operates under the rules for National Schools, which are set down by the Minister for Education. The Board of Management is the governing authority of the school. The Board constitutes as follows:

  • Two members appointed by and representative of the Patron (the Bishop of Meath)
  • Two members elected by parents of children in the school. One of these must be a mother
  • The Principal and one elected member of staff
  • Two members selected by the core group of six

Boards of Management are appointed every three years.

School Philosophy

Broadly speaking education is about change. It improves the lives of those taking part in it and as teachers we are continously examining new methods, materials and ideas which will help us to teach children in a changing world. We endeavour to create in our school an atmosphere of co-operation, respect and trust. We try to cultivate a spirit of mutual respect and confidence and to value each child as an individual with staff members supportive of each other.


Our large school campus boasts two large tarmacadamed play grounds for the pupils, a large green area to the front of the school and two fine assembly halls in the Junior and Senior school. Space is not a problem in Scoil Mhuire.

We have a fully fitted out Computer Room with 15 networked computers all with internet access. A number of printers and scanners are also available for the pupils use.

The Junior school consists of eight classrooms with three Resource rooms plus a large communal carpeted area. Each classroom has toilets and a wet area with sink.This area is generally used for Art activities.The Senior school has seven classrooms, the computer room, the staff room and a number of resource rooms. The boy’s and girl’s toilets are at either end of the school building. Adjacent to our main entrance hall are the administrative offices of the principal teacher and the school secretary. The main entrance to Scoil Mhuire is in the senior school and is operated on a camera and buzzer system. No one can enter the Junior school unless admitted by an adult. A security fence along the perimeter of our school site ensures there are no unexpected visitors to the school during and after our school day. Our large car park to the front of the school allows for the safe collection and dropping of pupils in off the main road.