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Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery was reintroduced into Scoil Mhuire in September 2016. Ms Gallagher completed the professional development course in Monaghan Education Centre. She is now a qualified Reading Recovery teacher after completing a year’s training in Monaghan Education Centre.

Reading Recovery is for children aged between 5 years 9 months and 6 years 6 months, in senior infants or 1st class, who need a little extra help with reading and writing, to make sure they don’t fall behind in literacy. The Reading Recovery teacher has special training to work out exactly what a child finds difficult about reading and writing and to make it easy for them to succeed in learning. This should help their confidence and their work in the classroom. A Reading Recovery teacher’s primary responsibility is working daily with targeted children, in a series of individually designed lessons, of 30 minutes duration.

What will your child do in Reading Recovery?

  • Build a range of skills for reading.
  • Learn to enjoy reading and understand what he/she reads.
  • Learn new words and how to use letters and sounds to build words.
  • Learn how to compose short stories and to spell the words he/she needs to write.

Each day, he/she will bring home 3 familiar books to read with you and a sentence puzzle.

Recovery Reading programme 2016/2017

These 4 children successfully completed the Reading Recovery programme.

There are currently 4 more children, from senior infants, participating in the programme.

Below are some of the many fun activities which children partake in during their 12-20 weeks on the programme.

Cut-up Sentences

Picture Books

Alphabet Jigsaw

Glitter Letter Formation Activities

Magnetic Alphabet

Blackboard and Chalk Activities

Word Families

Word Endings/Inflections

Letter Discrimination

Word Work on Whiteboard

Story Writing

Word-Word Matching

Reading with Eyes

Levelled Readers