Newsletter, October 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It has been a busy term so far in Scoil Mhuire. As we move towards the mid- break here is some news from the school and a few reminders.

1. Mid-Term Break.

The school will close this Friday, 28th October, at the usual time, for one week for mid-term break. School will re-open on Monday, 7th November. Children can wear their Halloween costumes/own clothes to school on Friday.

2. Morning Drop.

The school gate between the Senior and Junior schools is opened daily at 9.05 am. Children should walk to their line in the yard and wait there for their teacher.

3. Attendance.

We have seen a huge improvement in attendance across the school since September. In Scoil Mhuire we continue to promote attendance both in classes and at assemblies. Thanks for working with us on this and keep up the good work!!! Please remember if your child is absent for any reason to write a note to the teacher or put a note up on Aladdin explaining the absence.

4. Parent-Teacher Meetings.

Parent-Teacher Meetings will take place on Thursday, 24th November. We will be welcoming parents back into school for face-to-face meetings this year. Appointments will be issued after mid-term break.

5. Collecting Pupils Early.

Children should only be collected early from school for a valid reason. Please call to the office to sign your child out. During break/ lunchtimes the office is not staffed so it will take a while to arrange collection. If your child is in Junior Infants – 3rd Class the secretary will inform the child/children over the Intercom and you will meet them at the Junior School front door. When returning a child to the Junior building you will have to inform the secretary that you have returned.

6. School Car Park.

Please use the parking spaces provided and reverse into the space as it is safer to see children in front of the car as you begin to drive out. Please be patient when driving out of school.

7. Aladdin Connect.

Please download the app if you have not already done so. A code is available from the office on request. In order to use the app we must have the correct phone number for you on file. If you require any assistance with the app please contact Ms. Geraghty or Ms. Hayden.

8. Yellow Flag.

This programme enables the students to learn more about their own and others’ cultures. It encourages the whole school community to celebrate the cultural diversity that is in the school and learn more about treating people more fairly. In the coming weeks we will be setting up a Diversity Committee made up of parents, students and members of the community. Please contact us if you would like to be involved or have any ideas on this.

9. Say Yes to Languages.

Scoil Mhuire are delighted to be taking part in the ‘Say Yes to Languages’ programme this term. A dedicated language teacher is working with 4th to 6th class. The languages are as follows:

  • 4th Class: Romanian
  • 5th Class: German
  • 6th Class: Spanish.

10. H.S.C.L.

Ms Geraghty is our Home School Community Liaison teacher. She is available from 9.15 -3.00 pm every day. The number is 086 805 7826 and she can also be contacted at

11. Maths for Fun.

This has been running in 4th class for the past number of weeks. The children have been completing Maths games and activities. This will also be taking place in Junior and Senior Infants this week. Thanks to all the parents who have volunteered to be involved. We appreciate your support.

12. Science for Fun.

This will be taking place on the week of Monday 14th November. Children love to see their parents coming into the school to work with their class. Please contact our HSCL Ms. Geraghty if you like to be involved.

13. Junior Infants 2023/24.

If you have a son/daughter at home who is starting Junior Infants in September 2023 please contact the office for an Application Form. You can also download a form from the school website. Children should attend pre-school in the years before starting school. The ECCE scheme is free and parents can avail of it from the time their child is 2 years and 8 months. Please contact Ms. Geraghty or Ms. Hayden if you need more information on pre-schools in the area.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Fiona Hayden, School Principal