Newsletter, April 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we approach the Easter Holidays there are a few items of news I want to share with you.

1. Covid 19.

We still ask you to keep your child at home if they have symptoms of Covid 19. We also ask that you continue to notify us if your child develops Covid 19.

2. Attendance.

There has been a big improvement in attendance in the month of March. Across the school attendance has increased from 80 % to 85%. As we are now in the later stages of the Covid 19 pandemic we are asking parents to think about the importance of attendance at school. We know that good attendance is linked to achievement in primary, second level and third level education. In Scoil Mhuire we promote attendance with weekly certificates, prizes and whole class awards. We ask that you only leave your child out of school for a valid reason. If you are keeping your child out of school, please send a note to the class teacher explaining the absence or record the reason on the Aladdin Connect app.

3. Swimming.

The children in 2nd, 3rd and 4th class as well as room 7 and 8 will begin swimming in Aura Swimming Pool from Thursday, 28th April. The cost will be €30 per child once off payment or 3 instalments of €10 paid in advance of swimming day. This money is due by Friday, 8th April.

4. Cycle Safety.

5th class with begin a cycle safety course on Friday, 29th April. This will consist of 5 weekly sessions. All equipment is provided and the cost of this is covered by the school.

5. Easter Raffle.

We will be holding a raffle on Friday, 8th April. The prize is a basket of Easter Eggs. Tickets are €2 for a line and €5 for 3 lines. All funds raised will go towards books for our school.

6. School Tours.

School Tour dates are as follows:

  • Junior Infants: Thursday, 26th May - Best of Mates Playcentre, Kells
  • Senior Infants: Wednesday, 25th May - Huckleberrys Den
  • 1st Class, Room 7 and 8: Friday, 10th May - Causey Farm
  • 2nd and 3rd Class: Tuesday, 17th May - Cavan Crystal Maze
  • 4th and 6th Class: Tuesday, 31st May - Tayto Park
  • 5th Class: Friday, 3rd June - Navan Adventure Centre

7. 6th Class Transitions.

Our 6th class are working on the ‘Mind the Gap’ programme in conjunction with the School Completion Programme. This programme helps them make the smooth transition to Secondary School.

8. Aladdin Connect.

Please download the Aladdin Connect App if you have not already done so. We will not be posting out school reports this year so the only way to access them will be through this app. If you have any trouble downloading the app please contact the school.

9. HSE: Dental Forms.

Please return the 6th class Dental Forms by Friday, 8th April whether you consent or not.

10. Drop off and Collection.

Children should be in school by 9.15am in the morning. Children arriving late should enter the school by the reception. Children should not be collected early without a valid reason. If you do have to collect your child early for an appointment, please bring the letter with you to the school when collecting.

11. Easter Holidays.

The school will close for Easter at 12 noon on Friday, 8th April. We will return to school on Monday, 25th April.

12. School Car Park.

Please pull into a car parking space before you let your children exit the car. We ask that you reverse in to your car parking space as it is safer to see children in front of the car as you begin to drive out. Please be patient when driving out of the school. Please remember that smoking is prohibited by law inside school grounds.

13. Change of Phone No/Address.

Please inform the teacher/secretary if you have moved house or changed your phone number recently. It is very important that we have up to date information in the event that your child is sick, has an accident at school or we require to send you a text.

Have a lovely Easter!!

Fiona Hayden, School Principal