Newsletter, 4th November 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to all families after the mid-term break. We hope all pupils settle back into school and continue to work well. Please take note of the following items of information:

1. Covid-19 School Response Plan.

All staff will continue to implement the measures to help stop the spread of the virus in our school. Staff will:

  • Continue to wear face masks;
  • Pupil movement inside and outside the school will be limited;
  • The class Pod system remains in place;
  • Physical distancing will continue in Senior classes;
  • Sneezing and coughing etiquette is maintained;
  • Well ventilated rooms and corridors will continue.

We encourage parents to wear facemasks when dropping and collecting pupils and to observe social distancing at the drop and collection times.

2. Seesaw.

All pupils have been given their personal access code for the educational app ‘Seesaw’. Pupils and families are required to engage with the App if they haven’t already done so. Teachers will continue to assign a number of items of homework weekly to be returned to them via ‘Seesaw’.

3. Junior Infants 2021.

Any family who has a son/daughter at home for Junior Infants for September 2021 please call to the school for an application for Admission Form or alternatively go to our website; and download the form.

4. Music Generation.

Infants to Second Class will begin music lessons with the organisation Music Generation next week. The visiting musician will follow all Covid-19 precautions. Third Class will start Violin lessons also next week. All equipment will be provided by the musician and the cost of the lessons will be covered by the school.

5. Noreen Sheridan Navan O’Mahony’s GPO.

Noreen Sheridan will continue working with pupils from Junior Infants to Third Class on Wednesdays.

6. Early School Closure.

School will close at 1.30 pm for Infants to 2nd Class and at 1.40 pm for pupils from 3rd to 6th Class on Thursday, November 12th. This is to facilitate a staff meeting.

7. Contact Details Sheet.

Thank you to all families who filled out the Contact Details Sheet and returned it to the school. There are still a few outstanding and we need them in order to contact you in case of an accident/incident in school when you need to be notified immediately. If you have changed your address/phone number recently please let the teacher/secretary know.

Yours sincerely,

Colm Devlin

School Principal