Newsletter, 27th November 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please take note of the following items of information:

1. Internet Safety/Anti-cyberbullying Parental Talk.

Our parental talk on Anti-cyberbullying is on in the Senior School Hall tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28th at 7.00 pm. It is extremely important that every family sends at least one adult to this talk. We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves about this topic. The response so far from parents has been disappointing with less than 15% of our parents indicating that they will attend. That is approximately 25 parents out of the school total, counting one adult per family. Please make every effort to attend tomorrow night. Your child may be the victim of cyber-bullying someday and we all need to know how to deal with it.

2. Anti-Bullying Policy Checklist.

The Board of Management conducted its annual checklist of the school’s anti-bullying policy at its meeting on, Wednesday, November 15th. See the signed document over the page.

3. Parent/Teacher Meetings.

The annual Parent/Teacher meetings will take place on Thursday, December 7th. School will close at 2.30 pm on that day for classes 1st – 6th and we ask parents to collect their children on time. Teachers will be starting their meetings at 2.35 pm and please make sure you attend your child’s meeting. Teachers will remain in the school until 5.30 pm with the final appointments at 5.30 pm.

4. Road Safety Week.

We had a very successful Road Safety Week last week in all classes. All aspects of Road Safety have been highlighted with the pupils. Thank you to the Parents who attended the Road Safety Talk given by our local Gardaí.

5. School Car Park.

As always we request parents to reverse into the car parking spaces in our school car park. This is a safety issue as drivers cannot see small children if they are reversing out of spaces. Please do not use the school car park as a public car park. Parents doing courses in the LMETB must park elsewhere for the day – not in our school car park which must be left free as possible should an ambulance or fire brigade have to be called and for them to get as close to the school as possible.

6. Junior Infants September 2018.

Any family who has a child at home for Junior Infants in September 2018 and who has not completed an Enrolment Form please come in and collect one from the office.

7. School Website.

Details of all school activities appear on our excellent school website –

8. Change of Phone No/Address.

Please inform the teacher/secretary if you have moved house or changed your phone number recently. It is very important that we have up to date information in the event that your child is sick or has an accident at school.

Colm Devlin, School Principal