Newsletter, 10th September 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of all school staff I extend a warm welcome back to all families after the Summer holidays. A special welcome to the pupils and families of our new Junior Infants and to new families who joined our school. Please take note of the following items of information

1. Morning Supervision.

The school yard is supervised by teachers and special needs assistants from 9.05 a.m. until 9.15 a.m. each morning. Children arriving in to the yard before 9.05 a.m. will not be supervised and the school Board of Management will take no responsibility for them.

2. Punctuality.

School begins at 9.15 am each morning. At 9.30 am the gates between the two school buildings will be locked and all pupils who arrive after that time are required to come to the office with their parent and sign in. This will be strictly adhered to and parents will have to sign in their child/children to school if arriving after 9.30 am.

3. Collecting Children Early.

If you need to collect your child/children early from school for any reason you will have to sign them out at the office. The secretary will call the child/children over the intercom and they will meet you at the reception. When returning your child/children to school after an appointment etc. you can bring them to the Reception and the secretary will admit them.

4. Office Hours.

The office will be open at 9.05 am – 1.00 pm and from 1.45 – 3.45 pm daily. There will be no one at reception between 11.00 and 11.15 am (morning break) and 1.00 pm – 1.45 pm (lunch break) while the secretary is on lunch so please come before 1.00 pm if you need to collect your child for any reason during that time.

5. School Book Rental Fee.

The book rental fee for pupils from Junior Infants to Third Class is €60 for 1 child in school/€100 for 2 children and €150 for three children. This includes Art & Craft money for children from Junior Infants to 3rd Class. Thank you to all families who have paid this already. Please bring the money in to the school office, as soon as possible. The school has to pay the Book Company for all of the books and your contribution is required.

6. Art & Craft Money.

Thank you to all families who have sent in the Art & Craft money. Please send it in to the class teacher, as soon as possible, but no later than the end of September 2018. The cost of the Art & Craft materials for the year for children from 4th to 6th Class is €10 per child/€20 per family of 3 children. The school has a large Art & Craft bill and again your contribution is required. P.T.O.

7. School Uniform.

All pupils are expected to wear their full school uniform daily. Please ensure your child has a full uniform on daily and their tracksuit is for PE days only. Please put your child’s name on their jumper/cardigan. School ties can be bought in the school for €3.00 each.

8. School Car Park.

Please reverse into your car parking space as it is safer to see children in front of the car as you begin to drive out. Please be patient when driving out of school.

9. No Smoking.

We request parents/guardians not to smoke anywhere on the school grounds. This is in line with Government rules for all public buildings.

10. Change of Phone No/Address.

Please inform the teacher/secretary if you have moved house or changed your phone number recently. It is very important that we have up to date information in the event that your child is sick or has an accident at school.

11. Letters Requested by Parents/Guardians.

If you require a letter from the school for child benefit/social welfare etc. you must give the school at least 24 hours’ notice. Letters will not be issued on the same day as requested.

12. School Meals Scheme.

The school meals scheme is back up and running Glanmore Foods will issue a new menu in the coming weeks and families will be consulted re their child’s order. Under new Government regulations pupils will only be allowed order (ham) one day per week. I would encourage all families to avail of this scheme. Children must supply their own drink (only Milk or Water).

13. Parents’ Coffee Morning.

A meeting of parents of Junior Infants to First Class will take place in the parents’room on Wednesday, September 19th at 9.20 am. Please mark this date in your diary and attend that morning after you have dropped your child to school.

14. School Calendar.

School Calendars with the school closures for the school year will be sent home today with this letter.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Colm Devlin, School Principal