Homework Policy


  • To consolidate work being done at school.
  • To keep parents in touch and involved in their children’s work.
  • To develop and encourage the habit of independent study.

Guidelines for Teachers

  • Homework should be an integral part of the subject being taught and given in order to consolidate work done - not as an exercise in isolation.
  • Homework should never be given unless the teacher has thoroughly prepared and explained what is to be done.
  • Homework must be consistent - a small amount and given in such a way as to form a pattern for the children so that they are more likely to remember it.
  • Teachers will check that homework is being done and will give extra help where difficulties occur.
  • In the event of a parent not wishing that their child would participate in homework activities, a letter must be forwarded to the school expressing this wish and must be kept on school files.

Guidelines for Parents

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Establish a set routine and time for the child to do his/her homework, in a quiet place free from distractions.
  • Supervise children’s homework, checking and signing it on completion.
  • Help and encourage the child but not to do the homework for him/her.
  • Forward a note to the teacher if homework has not been completed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Shared reading is not homework in the regular sense and it is simply meant to be an enjoyable exercise between parent and child.


Allotted time that teachers expect the average child in each class to spend at homework:

Junior Infants: 10 – 15 minutes
Senior Infants: 15 – 25 minutes
First and Second: no more than 30 minutes
Third and Fourth: 30– 45 minutes
Fifth class: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Sixth class: 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes (max.)

Homework is given each night. There is no homework at weekends however, children in middle and senior classes may be required to work independently on projects at weekends.


This policy will be referred to regularly to check that it is being consistently implemented by all staff. Policy will be reviewed by staff annually.