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Easter Raffle Prize Winners

Apr 9th, 2022 | Events, General

Here are the prize winners for the Easter Raffle:

  • 1st Prize: Samuel Siciu, Senior Infants
  • 2nd Prize: Carla Morar, 6th Class
  • 3rd Prize: Kathleen Stokes, 5th Class
  • 4th Prize: Eduardo Aquiles, 2nd Class
  • 5th Prize: Mya Stokes, 5th Class
  • 6th Prize: Aron Eleuma, 5th Class
  • 7th Prize: Aaliyah Mc Donagh, 4th Class
  • 8th Prize: John Paul Mc Donagh, 2nd Class

Thank you to all the parents who entered our raffle.

Enjoy your Easter break!