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Green Dash Day / St Patrick’s Celebrations

Friday March 13th – Green day had finally arrived in Scoil Mhuire

All the pupils and staff made a huge effort to dress up in green clothing to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. We began the day with a whole school sing-along to “Ireland’s Call”, just to make sure we were all in the festive spirit. Then we were off again on another walk around the block. The town nearly came to a stand still with the sea of green taking over the pavements and workers even left their desks to see what the shouts of “beep beep” were about (Deirdre). Everyone had a great time but we weren’t finished yet……….

Back to the school and thanks to the Active Crew of Risi, Fuad, Habdullai and Daniel, a route was marked out around the whole school and yards where the pupils of 4th, 5th and 6th class (including teachers) took off on a Green Dash. The whole school lined the route and cheered them on. Not happy with just one lap, the Active Crew took off again for lap number 2 followed willingly by the rest of the pupils, much to the delight of teachers!!

Well done to Junior and Senior Infants too who completed 1 lap. Thanks to all the boys and girls of the Senior classes who clapped and cheered them on on their marathon run!!

Looking forward to next year already.