5th Class Pupil from Scoil Mhuire in 100 Touch Challenge

Last Tuesday in Pairc Taillteann pupils from all schools in Co. Meath participated in the 100 Touch Challenge. All pupils had to solo the ball 10 times with left & right foot.

They had to handpass the ball 10 times with the left & right hand. Catch 10 balls over their head & catch 10 balls on to their chest.

Kick 10 long passes with left & right foot and kick 10 short passes with left & right foot. Finally, they had to pick the ball up 10 times each with left & right foot.

That made 100 touches. The pupil who completed the100 touches in the shortest time was the winner.

Mario represented our school and performed very well. He is pictured with a group of other participants here.

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